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Temple Beth El

Temple Beth El

Where Tradition Meets Tomorrow

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Find Us: 16225 Winkler Road, Fort Myers, FL 33908

Overview & Mission

Lee County’s first and largest Jewish Congregation, was founded in 1954. Its continuing pre-eminence is attributed to its outstanding rabbinic and professional leadership, its energetic and hard-working lay leaders, its diverse and involved membership, and its wide range of congregational activities, spiritual, educational, community and social.

The Temple Complex includes the exceptional Sanctuary, which was built in 1994. Seating 700 worshippers, this modern structure is noted for its magnificent decor and design.

Join in our great adventure of the spirit that is authentic Jewish living. We are Fort Myers’ progressive Jewish congregation, drinking deeply from the wellspring of ancient Jewish tradition as we journey into a future that we are creating for untold generations yet to come. As a member of the Union of Reform Judaism, we are committed to the very highest standards of Jewish worship, education and celebration at every stage of life.

We provide a welcoming Jewish home-haven and extended family of the spirit for the broadest range of Jewish households, with a genuine sensitivity to interfaith families and their special needs. Above all, the congregation of Temple Beth El is a modern, inclusive religious community. Offering up to our God the finest gift – our love and care and concern for each other and for the world!

Our Mission

The purpose of Temple Beth El is to maintain a congregation devoted to the principles of Reform Judaism and to ensure the continuity of the Jewish people with the belief that full participation from our diverse membership will enable us to fulfill this mission.

In the spirit of Reform Judaism, and with the belief in our future a an active and progressive community of Jews, it shall continue to be the goal of this Congregation to develop a relationship with God through communal worship, study the Torah, and assembly; to provide an institutional framework for Jewish culture; to provide Jewish historical, cultural, and ceremonial knowledge to children, youth, and adults; to apply the principles of Reform Judaism to the values and conduct of the individual, the family, and our society.

What We Believe

We believe the oneness of God. God’s existence is an ultimate source of “meaning and purpose” in the life of the Jew and the Jewish people. In Judaism as Jews we embrace the story of the Jewish people which tells of three encounters with God: Creation, our redemption from Egypt and our standing together at Sinai. We believe that every human being is created B’tzelem Elohim, in the image of God, and that therefore every human life is sacred. We do mitzvoth which help to bring justice to the world. As Reform Jews we believe that all the mitzvot of the Torah can call to us as they call to all Jews. Our task is to acquire more and more holiness by the performance of Mitzvot.

Temple Beth El By-Laws