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Interfaith Action Group

Southwest Florida has established an Interfaith Action Group (IAG). The Jewish Community is represented in the IAG by Temple Beth El and Temple Judea. Other participating groups include Buddhist, Unitarian, Catholic, Lutheran, Episcopalian, Methodist, Presbyterian, Muslim, atheist, and additional Christian Churches. The Interfaith Action Group is expanding and reaching out to all faiths and religious organizations in the southwest Florida region.

The IAG’s goal is to educate participants and the community on racial, ethnic, cultural, religious, age, gender, familial, sexual orientation, physical, personal, and class barriers that often manifest themselves in unjust treatment, inequalities, exclusion, and violence. Each group has a unique story, music, food, and holidays to share. The coalition aims to serve as bridge builders, committed to the work of assembling alliances and strategies across racial, ethnic, class, gender, age, and sexual orientation identities for purposes of Social Action and Social Justice.

The Interfaith Action Group intends to pursue development of a multicultural, multi-theistic, multiracial, and inclusive community. Faith is what we have in common. Faith, however expressed, will undermine bigotry and xenophobia, and faith will overwhelm hatred and violence.

For more information, please contact any of the IAG Board Members:

Rev. Rusty May – Board President, Lutheran, (239)560-0065
Tom Halt – Internal Community Building,Roman Catholic,  (702)595-7165
Mohammed Al-Darsani – Public Relations,  Islam, (239)671-1761
Russ Bogen – Program committee, Jewish, (239)481-6755 
Rev. Johanna Kiefner – Education committee, Lutheran, (617)448-3039

Social Action