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Senior Youth Group

Senior Youth Group News

BEFTY Senior Youth Group has had another wonderful year and looks forward to the bright future with their new board! This past year, the group has had a blast interacting with Jewish teens not just from our temple, but others in the area as well through Havdallah services at SkyZone, our tradition of Greasy Watermelon Capture-the-Flag, Yom Kippur yoga and meditation, various social action projects in order to fulfill the mitzvah of tikkun olam, a Chanukah gift exchange, a cultural pot-luck night, a tie-dying fest, and an improv night. Next year is sure to hold even more exciting and fun events and we hope to see all high schoolers there!


Ranata Goodman

Communications Vice President

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BEFTY’s 2015-2016 Board with Advisor, Elana Beame


BEFTY, or the Beth El Federation for Temple Youth, is a group that meets every Thursday from 6-7pm at the temple, or various places like Moes & Coldstone for dinner. At these, we do programs the touch on things like media in Judaism, Kaballah and baking competitions. We also have events over the weekend like our annual opening and closing beach parties. This is a group for any teens in high school to come & hang out on thursday nights and be a part of the Jewish community. They can also get involved in the regional organization NFTY and go to kallot which can be better explained in the description of NFTY below. We would love for any teens not involved to come & join us. More information about specific dates and events can be viewed on our Facebook page, under BEFTY.

National Federation of Temple Youth (NFTY) is a Jewish youth movement where you get to learn about your religion in a fun and involved way. NFTY gives teens the ability to connect to their Judaism as well as current topics and issues in Judaism. Teens can discuss matters that are important to them, and learn about different topics in a comfortable Jewish environment. While at events, teens can build and forge friendships not only with their local Jewish peers but peers from all over Florida.

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