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1st Wednesday of the Month  TBE Library  2:45pm-4:15pm


September 4, 2019    The Tattooist of Auschwitz 
by  Heather Morris
Reviewed by:  Russ Bogen
Imprisoned for more than two and a half years at Auschwitz-Birkenau, Lale Sokolow, a Slovakian Jew, is put to work as a tattooist. Risking his own life, Lale uses his privileged position to keep his fellow prisoners alive. 

October 2, 2019 
by Nathan Englander 
Reviewed by Russ Bogen
Nathan Englander gives us an irreverent, irresistible novel with this sharp masterpiece about a son's failure about a son’s failure to say Kaddish for his father.

2019     The Rebbe
by Joseph Telushkin
Reviewed by Ju
di Bayer
In this enlightening biography Telushkin gives us a captivating portrait of the late Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, who turned his movement, Chabad-Lubavitch, into a dynamic organization within the Jewish world.|

December 4,2019     My Mother’s Son 
by David Hirshberg
Reviewed by Carol
In his vivid portrait of the Jewish world of the 1950’s, Hirshberg allows his reader to eavesdrop on complicated family matters  clouded by years of denial and secrecy.






January 8, 2020 (note special date) The Gown 
by Jennifer Robson
Reviewed by Tina Friedman
Robson’s novel embroiders life, friendship, and hope in post-war London where she illuminates the story behind Queen Elizabeth’s wedding dress involving the work of two  embroiderers, one of whom survived the Nazis.

February 5, 2020     The Kabbalah Master 
by Perle Besserman
Reviewed by Judi Bayer

Besserman’s novel, set in Coney Island in 1972, brings us into Sharon Berg’s world, one in which she seeks to make a life for herself  and her family through her journey and commitment  to Hasidism.

March 4, 2020     Wherever There is Light
by Peter Golden

Reviewed by Elizabeth Bakst
In this love story for the ages, Golden introduces his reader to Kendall and Julian in 1938 when the former is a free-spirited African American  college senior and the latter is   a Jewish immigrant from Germany. We follow their in-again, off-again love affair for thirty years.

April 1,2020     The Song of the Jade Lily 
by Kirsty Manning
Reviewed by Gail Margolis

An evocative, multi-layered story of the Jewish refugees  who fled to Shanghai during World War II.



May 6th, 2019     Book Selection for next season 
Join us as we discuss choices and vote on the book selection for next season.

All are welcome to join us for these lively and interesting meetings! Contact Carol Kaplan at  or the Temple Office for more information.



Sat, July 11 2020 19 Tammuz 5780