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Results of TBE COVID-19 Survey

Thanks to all who responded to the survey.  If you still want to participate, CLICK HERE (only one response per household)

As of Thursday April 15, 108 households have answered the survey, of those who answered 97% reported at least one member of their household has had a COVID-19 vaccination.  Here are the rest of the results:

Ages of Household members *Number of households with members in age range Percent of households in age range vaccinated
65 years & older 88 98%
50-64 years 30 83%
16-49 years 22 71%

*total is greater than number of respondents because many households have members in multiple age groups

COVID 19 Update

from the TBE COVID-19 Committee

TBE response plan:

There are 4 phases through which our building and grounds can be open or closed to congregants and staff with a goal of a 5th phase when the pandemic ends and we apply lessons learned for a healthier TBE community post pandemic.

  • Based on guidance from CDC, the WHO, and national epidemiologic experts we will move through the phases based on specific health metrics:
    • Rolling 7-day average of COVID-19 test positivity rates for Lee County 
    • Rolling 7-day new daily cases per 100,000 population (Incidence)
    • Rolling 7-day average COVID-19 transmission rate
    • 2-week trend of Lee Health Hospital resource capacity (ability of local hospitals to accommodate the significantly ill)
  • Movement to higher phase requires at least 2 weeks of meeting the criteria for the phase.
  • Movement to a lower phase will occur when pandemic monitoring criteria worsens; 2 weeks of data NOT required to respond in nimble manner
  • When discrepancies between measures exist, we will use the preponderance of data to determine the appropriate phase.
  • Each phase has specific activity descriptions for Worship, Life Cycle Events, Staff/Clergy and congregants, Meetings & Events, Adult Education and Religious school activities.
  • Please review the full plan for the specific details by each Phase.

Current Phase: Phase 3
May 12, 2021

The Building Remains Closed due to Construction despite the COVID phase

• Worship may be held in the sanctuary, allowing for 6-ft social distancing.
• In-person attendance with all participants wearing non-vented face masks for worship: Congregants must sign-up online or call and register for seats in the sanctuary. Contact information must be current.
• Congregants and visitors 65 and older and/or with underlying health issues who have not been fully vaccinated will be encouraged to continue participating via online methods.
• Readers may unmask to lead service, sing, or chant while maintaining 15-foot continuous distance (dual podiums may be used to facilitate distance) No congregational singing,
• Attendees will be required to wear non-vented face coverings and maintain 6 feet between non-household members.
• Attendees will be asked to use hand sanitizer upon entrance to the building.

• Lifecycle events may be held in the building with no more than 50 people meeting the same criteria as for worship
• No food or drinks may be consumed in the building; may use the outdoor precaution guidelines for food service outside (attached below)

Lee County COVID-19 Trend Metrics as of May 12, 2021

Thu, May 13 2021 2 Sivan 5781