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July 31, 2021

The best way to safely end this pandemic is to get vaccinated

The COVID-19 Pandemic is resurging in SW Florida

  • In the past month COVID-19 cases in Lee County have increased from about 8 to more than 54 daily cases per 100,000
  • Local testing positivity rates have increased from less than 5% to greater than 19% (showing insufficient testing)
  • The CDC says that the more contagious and more virulent Delta variant is responsible for more than 83% of COVID-19 cases.
  • Locally, the number of people currently hospitalized with COVID-19 is steeply increasing (from 33 to 238 in one month)
  • The CDC recommends in areas of high spread (where we are), vaccinated people return to wearing masks indoors.

Considering these changing conditions, the COVID-19 Task Force recommends the following immediate changes:

  • Masks be required by all attendees 2 years and older to TBE events inside the TBE building
  • Indoor food service during events be suspended (Oneg may be served on the patio)
  • Encourage physical distancing between households at all TBE events

We will monitor the changing conditions closely and review for changes on a weekly basis.

We remind congregants to participate from home if they are not feeling well (or have been exposed to COVID if unvaccinated)

Lee County COVID-19 Trend Metrics as of July 31, 2021

Florida ceased daily reporting of COVID-19 statistics in June, so we shifted to using the more limited CDC county level reports for ongoing local monitoring of the Pandemic.  The past month shows a trend of increasing risk:

COVID-19 Response Phased Re-opening Plan

There are 4 phases through which our building and grounds can be open or closed to congregants and staff with a goal of a 5th phase when the pandemic ends and we apply lessons learned for a healthier TBE community post pandemic.

  • Based on guidance from CDC, the WHO, and national epidemiologic experts we will move through the phases based on specific health metrics:
    • Rolling 7-day average of COVID-19 test positivity rates for Lee County 
    • Rolling 7-day new daily cases per 100,000 population (Incidence)
    • Rolling 7-day average COVID-19 transmission rate
    • 2-week trend of Lee Health Hospital resource capacity (ability of local hospitals to accommodate the significantly ill)
  • Movement to higher phase requires at least 2 weeks of meeting the criteria for the phase.
  • Movement to a lower phase will occur when pandemic monitoring criteria worsens; 2 weeks of data NOT required to respond in nimble manner
  • When discrepancies between measures exist, we will use the preponderance of data to determine the appropriate phase.
  • Each phase has specific activity descriptions for Worship, Life Cycle Events, Staff/Clergy and congregants, Meetings & Events, Adult Education and Religious school activities.
  • Please review the full plan for the specific details by each Phase.
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