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Online Services


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on Friday Nights at 7:3o pm,

or to review any archived service.


If you enjoy  this online viewing service,  please sign our guestbook  and consider making a donation  to continue providing Shabbat services to the the homebound and far off friends

If you live in the area, please stop by and meet us, or call to say hello and introduce yourself!


Monday-Thursday, 9am – 5pm

Friday, 9am – 2pm

Sunday, 9am – 1pm

AV  (Audio-Visual) Team

There are many who contribute to the spirituality and enjoyment of the TBE Friday night and special event services, but one small team truly operates “behind the scenes”.   The Audio-Visual (AV) team maintains the projectors, the sound equipment, the PCs and the other AV equipment necessary for the congregants inside the Sanctuary, as well as remotely, to be able to participate in the service.  

We use a streaming program called Livestream that broadcasts each service over the internet LIVE and is viewed by many at home who are ill or are unable to come to TBE, as well as people all over the USA and even around the world.    Many who travel out of the area, or are snowbirds who want to stay in touch, log in every Friday night.   One of the great features is that anyone can view the service anytime, in fact on-line they can view from as far back as 2015.   Although this cannot be a paid service, we do welcome donations from on-line viewers.

The AV team also ensures that the PowerPoint slides or other video presentations follow the Rabbi’s program for the service and presents them for the congregation.   We ensure the sound board is monitored and that the microphones are working properly.   We support events in the Sanctuary and the Dubin center so that Bar and Bat Mitzvahs and other special events can be enjoyed by all.

The AV Team is part of the TBE Men’s Club, who provides the funding for the equipment and maintenance.   Current members of the team are Richard Chaet (“the boss”), Larry Rosenberg (“the associate”) and Lance Kann (“the apprentice”).   Together we support each other, have fun, and ensure there is coverage every week.   

Join in the fun, get to know us, and learn the equipment and the production process.  It is easy to learn even for non-technical people.  Once a week or once a month, either would be greatly appreciated.  Please contact if interested.

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