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A Sacred Community Taking Precautions

During this period of uncertainty over COVID-19, Temple Beth El is becoming a completely "virtual" congregation. All TBE Shabbat services, classes, and meetings are online only. A strong foundation of Jewish values is guiding our work as we navigate this new terrain together. One major principle is "Al tifrosh min ha tzibbur"- Do not separate oneself from the community (Mishnah,Avot 2:5). Though we will be communicating in new ways, we are still a sacred community and we are working hard to develop opportunities to gather virtually. Please join us online every Friday at 7:30pm for Shabbat services: Please check your email for links to online Torah study, Talmud and Life, and Lunch and Learn. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we try out new ways of gathering and learning together. We encourage everyone to join us. Another guiding principle is "Kol Yisrael aravim zeh la'zeh"- All of Israel is responsible for each other.  Even though our programs and events are paused, we are always here for you. Though our building is closed 

to the public, our office staff and Rabbi Luna will remain available during business hours and you can of course always reach Rabbi Luna at the Temple (239-433-0018) or her cell phone. We are also in conversation with the Mitzvah Committee about reaching out to the most vulnerable within our congregation.   

Our prayerbook reminds us: "Pray as if everything depended on God. Act as if everything depended on you." We must do everything we can to stop the transmission of the coronavirus and protect ourselves and our community, yet we know ultimate control does not rest in our hands. We call upon God's loving and healing power on behalf of all throughout the world who are ill. We ask God's blessing of guidance and wisdom on all those seeking a cure and all who are offering care to the afflicted. May God grant us hearts of strength and hope. 

With blessings for health, 
Rabbi Luna
Hank Betchen, TBE President

Rabbi Luna's Covid Message

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Wed, November 25 2020 9 Kislev 5781